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How to Create Bonds With Sisters and Friends

December 13, 2011

#1 Plant memories.  To plant memories you can take on a project with your sisters such as start a memory book or plant a small garden.  Remember you can always reflect back on those memories.

#2 Share hobbies.  For instance, if one sister’s hobby is art your sister may be interested in learning more about what you do and you can tell your sister about your hobbies.  This is a excellent way to bond.

#3 Sister time –  Spend the day together take time off from your normal day-to-day activities and go to the movies, the spa, lunch or dinner make the day all about you and your sister.  Have FUN!!

#4 Give your sister a little nudge.  There are times when a sister can experience indifferent feelings for example, she may be nervous about trying out for cheer-leading or going on a job interview however as her sister you can push your sister to be the best she can be and that you will support her.

#5 No matter what tough times you may go through STICK IT OUT.  In life people change and their situations change but no matter what may happen such as boyfriends or other friends STICK IT OUT because once a sister always a sister.

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