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The Power of Forgiveness

December 20, 2011

It is not always easy to forgive however choosing to forgive can lessen those feelings of hurt, stress, and sadness.  When you forgive you can start to bring peace in your life and focus on the positive.  Just because you choose to forgive that does not mean that you forget that the other person has hurt you and it does not minimize the wrong.  Forgiveness can open your heart, body, and soul to healthier relationships, spiritual well-being, less stress, psychological well-being, and less doctor’s visits.   Look for positive ways to help you forgive such as writing.  Writing in a journal can help you process what happened and help you move on.  Another way to help you forgive is putting yourself in that person’s shoes.   Doing this helps you get an understanding of how the other person may have felt at that time opening your heart to forgiveness.  If you experience a traumatic event sometimes it may be difficult to forgive.   In the case of trauma it is best to get help from a counselor or therapist to help you work through your feelings on a much deeper level.  Then there are times in life the best advice for forgiveness is to move on.  This means if someone repeatedly offends you or causes negative treatment you can protect yourself and move on.  Address the behavior if you feel it is appropriate, forgive, and then distance yourself from the negativity.  When you have been hurt it can be difficult figuring out how to forgive.  Choosing to forgive is not for anybody else it is for you.

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