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Teen Pregnancy

December 22, 2011

The United States has the highest rate in teen pregnancies throughout the industrialized world.  The top three influences on the prevalence of teen pregnancies in the United States are family function, socioeconomic status, and sexual abuse or rape.  Teen pregnancy is linked to other types of social problems, limited education, peer pressure, incorrect use of contraceptive methods, dependence of welfare, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic abuse, child abuse, and unemployment.  Some teenage girls intentionally get pregnant and some think that by having a baby they have someone who loves them unconditionally and vice versa.  This is why educating the youth is important.  Many believe that a teens family situation can help contribute to teen pregnancy.  They also believe that those teens born to teenage mothers have a higher risk themselves of being teenage mothers.  Adolescent girls in single-parent homes were twice as likely to become pregnant as peers.  A parent’s limited education can partially explain the association between parents and their children because there could be lack of emphasis in the child’s schooling.  Parent’s marital status can also reduce parenting ability leaving a child to vastly become self sufficient. Another contributing factor is parenting styles.  A parent who is lenient or demonstrates limited parenting capacity helps contribute to likelihood of having a child who will become a teenage parent. Sisters of parenting teenagers can elevate their risk of teenager pregnancy because the teen is frequently interacting with their sibling.  In this situation, teenage pregnancy may not be intentional but the family environment can have a greater impact on teens, than one may think.  A youth’s ability to change his or her sibling’s behavior is strongest when the two are close and spend a lot of time together.  Teens that are in families that are poor tend to practice risky sexual behaviors.  The same goes for those who are raised in single parent households.  Below is a video that can be disturbing to some who choose to view its.

Visions of Sisterhood authors is posting this video directly from   Some may feel the video is inappropriate in content however, one can choose to view or comment.  We do not assume any responsibility on the Visions of Sisterhood blog for the content of this video.  You have been advised.




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  1. January 1, 2012 4:42 pm

    Parenting can be the toughest job you\\\’ll ever have. Kids present new challenges continuously because they keep growing and changing, and the issues grow and change with them.

    As parents our most important job is to make sure our kids feel loved and valuable for who they are (not what they do). It\\\’s my biggest struggle, and my biggest joy all at once!

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