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Top Six Ways Procrastinators Can Overcome Procrastination

December 23, 2011

1.  Try to put things in order.   Many times people procrastinate because they do not have what they need to complete a task so try prioritizing tasks and scheduling time to complete whatever tasks need to be done.

2.  Pay close attention to things that make you want to procrastinate to overcome procrastination.  We all know that the more difficult the tasks the more we want to put it off, so why not find ways to make the task more motivating.

3.  Many times when we do not know how to do a task we keep putting it off until we have no choice but to complete it, at that point the task you complete can be done so poorly.  To overcome this you make want to break done the task in sections.  Do what is hard about the task first and break it down into short periods of work, say 20 or 30 minutes then you get a break.  You are not procrastinating when taking a break you are just relieving the overwhelmed feeling that can cause you to “throw in the towel”.  As you complete sections of the task and you will feel a sense of accomplishment.  For instance, if you need to write a report that you think is going to take days to write take five or ten minutes just to get a few ideas on paper. Next you can add more, refine it, and add more content. Once you get started it’s surprising how much easier it can be to keep going.

4.  Lack of interest in a task plays a big role in procrastination.   If you “just do it” you will get it out of the way and have more time to spend on things you really want to do.  Down the line you will be glad that you did.

5.  Try changing your attitude towards a task.  Be more open to the task instead of immediately sending the message to your body and mind that this task is something you do not want to do.

6.  Create a productive environment.  Find a place that makes you happy and motivates you to get work done.

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