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Having Children Just to Abuse Them

December 31, 2011

There are so many children in the world who are victims of child abuse.  A couple from Arizona was arrested because of alleged child abuse because of pictures posted on Facebook reported by  Why do people have children just to abuse them?  Child abuse is more than broken bones, neglect, or bruises it has long term effects.  Child abuse lies within these four categories physical abuse, sexual abuse, general neglect, and emotional abuse.

  • Physical Abuse – signs include injuries that are unexplained, complaints about beatings, consistent bruising.
  • Sexual Abuse – signs include pain when sitting or walking, indiscreet masturbatory activity, Genital bruises or other injuries in the area.
  • General Neglect – a child showing signs of dehydration, looking malnourished, having bad hygiene for example:  bad teeth, smells no bathing.
  • Emotional Abuse – signs include sometimes compliant, shy, withdrawn, passive, destructive, and aggressive.

When detecting child abuse you have to look for a number of signs in the child because those signs can take place at any given time.  Some signs of child abuse are:

  • Child being withdrawn
  • Complaints about beatings
  • Is unusually fearful of other children and adults
  • Has an injury that is not adequately explained

There are many other signs that a child is experiencing abuse such as

  • Parents show little concern for the child
  • Parents do not adequately explain an injury the child has suffered
  • Parents are very strict disciplinarians

In a report by Robert Preidt (Medline) says that “a new study finds abuse in childhood may be associated with changes in the teenage brain.”  The study basically reports that teens that have been abused have less gray matter in the brain; this is the tissue that contains the brain cells read more on this study at  Abuse in any form is not okay if you suspect that a child may be a victim of child abuse you can contact your local Child Protective Services Agency or contact the National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453).  If we stand together we can help.

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