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Live Clutter Free

December 31, 2011

Clutter can distract you and can invite chaos into your life.  Choosing to take over your life and say no to clutter and yes to a peace of mind starts with changing yourself.  Before starting on the journey to declutter you life start by asking yourself a series of questions like how would I like to live my life?  What do I want in the future?   The road to decluttering is not an easy road but in order to get to your destination you have to starting by driving in that direction.

Start decluttering your life by taking it one step at a time.  In decluttering your home try doing something small like cleaning out a drawer or a desk.  Just to help you get use to getting unnecessary items out of your life.  In decluttering your life make a list of what positive things you want in your life and then a list of those negative things that are already in your life.  For example:  If you want a positive friend who you can confide in, who has a sense of loyalty, and who truly cares about your well-being that person goes on your positive list.  If you have a friend who calls you only when they need something but when you need help or a listening ear you don’t get it in return then you can choose to declutter this situation from your life taking a negative and making it positive.

When starting a task decide how long you will give yourself to complete it.  For example:  If you choose to clean out your desk choose to only take 15 minutes to complete the task.  This way you don’t have time to change your mind about the things you are throwing out.  The next step is deciding what things are important to you and why.  When you have a legitimate reason to keep those items then you keep them.  If you have “mights” in your life then you may want to truly consider throwing those things out or giving them away.  For example, those size 4 jeans you have been holding onto for the last six years that you think you “might” get back into although you are a size 12 you really want to consider getting rid of those jeans.

Do you rationalize clutter or do you allow past situations to hinder you in clutter?  For example:  Growing up, you always wanted a Barbie Doll but you never got one.  One day you decided that you wanted to collect Barbie’s today you have over fifty collectible Barbie’s however, you are running out of room to put them.  They are in your closets, in the garage, and they are even taking over the empty bedroom down the hall.  Don’t you think it’s time to make a change?  Start decluttering by deciding to keep the most important items to you.  Next find a reasonable place to put those things.  Finally stick to the plan.  It is not okay to rationalize clutter.

Choose to declutter all aspects of life, love, and relationships then sit down and make a list of why you are moving ahead in your life.  Write down behaviors that make you want to have clutter and how you can avoid those behaviors.  Then write down positive notes to replace with those negative behaviors.  For example:  A clean house leads to a clean mind.  When you get the urge to go back to clutter pull out those notes and remember why you chose to declutter in the first place.  Choosing to make a decision to declutter your life leaves room for a healthy, peaceful, and clutter free lifestyle.  Many say there is nothing like a “peace of mind” to have peace you have to start by cleaning your life of the things that clutter it.  Your mind and soul will be open to so much when there is nothing standing in the way.

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