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January 2, 2012

Cyber bullying is a widespread problem in school and communities across America and it is unacceptable.  Cyber bullying involves children and teens between the ages of 9-17 who are being threatened, harassed, embarrassed, and humiliated by other children in their age groups.  This type of behavior causes many unfair ramifications for those who are being bullied and those ramifications are suicides and drop out rates.  This type of behavior does not allow the schools to do their job of teaching our children; it strongly affects academics and one’s social skills and causes emotional and psychological damage.  In some cases the bullying is so extreme that is leads to violence “murder”.

Children use the internet and other electronic devices such as cell phones to partake in this kind of conduct.  How many of you have been or know someone who has been a victim of cyber bullying?  If you know someone ask them to speak with an adult.  There have been way too many victims of this abuse we all have to work together to help prevent it.

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