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Bullying: Leeya’s Story

January 6, 2012

My name is Leeya I was a happy, outgoing and caring young girl. But that was before I became a victim. I was bullied for four years. This is my story on how I became that victim or should I say “New Target”. It started off when I witnessed a group of kids picking on this innocent girl crying in the school hallway. I was disappointed when other students in the school walked by or even decided to yell “shut up” to the girl. I knew picking on others was wrong the girl just cried and cried. Knowing me I couldn’t just stand there and watch I stepped in and told them to “leave her alone”. I handed the girl some Kleenex to wipe away her fresh tears that began to run down her cheeks. I told her “everything was going to be ok”. She smiled and hugged me and said “Thank you so much I appreciate it”. I told her my name was Leeya and she told me hers was Mariah. The boys that walked by asked me “Do you really wanna be friends with that stinky Mariah girl”. I looked at them and said “yes” with confidences. They looked shock and said “Very dumb move for a cute girl” and walked away leaving Mariah and myself alone. I turned around to see Mariah crying again I asked her “What’s wrong” she looked me straight in the eye and told me “You shouldn’t have done that Leeya. If you become friends with me you’ll be their new target.” I didn’t care, I laughed and said “Mariah we are friends and don’t worry I’m not going to become their “new target”. I started to walk off but I heard her whisper “I’m so sorry God please protect her for what’s about to happen”.

Visit for more on the story of Leeya.  Feel free to share to Facebook and Twitter let’s bring awareness to bullying it is a real issue and we are loosing our next generation of leaders to this growing problem.  Let our young people know it is not okay to bully someone because we all are human beings and need to be treated as such.  Thank you truly from Visions of Sisterhood.

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  1. January 9, 2012 7:31 pm

    I was bullied as a teen as well. I am 18 (almost 19) and at university and it STILL affects me today. Bullying is VERY destructive but schools do very little to stop it. It is quite heartbreaking. Luckily I had friends so it wasn’t all bad for me 😀

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