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Bullying: Leeya’s Story #2

January 9, 2012

Mariah and I became very good friends.   I found out she didn’t have the best of clothes even the best hygiene as well but it didn’t matter to me.  She was still a human being no matter what anybody else thought.  People still came up to me everyday saying “Stay away from her” or “She gives off bad luck”. Soon after a rumor was going around that I was the “new target”.  I remember waiting outside of the school for Mariah one day so we could walk into school together but after a couple minutes of waiting I decided to go inside the school. I was greeted with name calling and kids laughing.  I ignored it and continue to walk to class.  When I walked into the class to look for Mariah she wasn’t at school I felt out of place she was my only friend at the time.  The rest of the week Mariah was out sick.  During this time I got pushed to the wet ground, teased, food thrown at me, and I even got a nasty note left on my desk telling me “I belong with the stinky girl” with a smiley face at the end of it.  I was growing sick and tired of the name calling.   I decided to try and make some new friends but every time I opened my mouth to say “hi” they would run the other way yelling and screaming saying “Stinky girl best friend is trying to talk to me.”  This only made things worse……………………………..

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