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Bullying: Leeya’s Story #3

January 11, 2012

Over the years my grades dropped drastically and I was depressed. I remember walking home well, running home to escape the snowballs that would be thrown at me or even the name calling.  When I arrived home I was happy that I there just to be able to get a break from all those mean comments and constant jokes I use to hear about my nose or should I say “my smurf nose”. I love to see my family after that long day of being bullied. But that all came crashing back down, reality set in and a voice in my head said “Leeya don’t forget you still have to go to school tomorrow”. Every night for four years I would cry myself to sleep asking, praying, and begging for God to give me strength to help me. That next morning I would wake up earlier then I was suppose to, thinking of a plan to get out of going to school that day but it failed.  My daddy always drove me to school in the morning. I was always in his caravan in the backseat I would get anxiety I couldn’t catch my breath and sometimes I would shake. Every time he stopped at that red light my heart stopped it was time for me to get out the van. He always said “Bye have a good day I love you” and my voice always broke when I said” I love you too.”  Every step I took away from that van I always wanted to run back into my daddy arms and cry and say “Don’t let me go”.  I knew if I did that I was weak I wanted to be strong, I was strong. I went into those school double doors ready for the battle that was suppose to happen, but I really wasn’t.   There would be boys in class that would touch me inappropriately in the coat room sometimes I was in shock and didn’t say anything.  One time a boy said he was going to rape me……………..

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