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Racist Beating In Chicago Proof That We’ve Lost Some Of Our Youth

January 19, 2012

No More Race

So that we are not mistaken in believing that only adults carry ugly racism, here is a recent story getting a lot of attention this week out of Chicago. It is about a group of thugs, in this case, some white teens, who viciously attack and beat a high school Asian teen. What sparked this has not been said. It is even possible this was not a “racial incident” and was about something else, even pure robbery and bullying. But at the same time, the language continually used by the kids as they beat the young man, was racial. Surprisingly, they kept repeating the “N-word” as they beat him. Who knows what that was about since it is clear to them and anyone that can see the video, the kid is Asian.

The full video is hard to watch, but here is a news report on it, which does edit…

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