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Is Your Relationship Over?

January 27, 2012

There are so many times when one starts to question certain things in their relationship.  For instance as many say, women have instinct, they get a “feeling” that something is not right with their relationships.  You start to notice things that don’t add up in your relationship such as missing time, new clothes, new smells, and secret phone calls.  Women when you have a hard time figuring out when your relationship is over or could be over below are just two tips to let you know it could probably be time to move on.

Where is he?  Tina wondered, David her live in boyfriend had left a couple of hours ago.  When Tina asked him where he was going David replied, to her saying “I will be back in a couple of hours and I will not tell you where I am going you will just have to trust me”.  Tina called her friend Jackie and blamed herself saying that she was insecure and it was all her fault that they argued.  She should’ve never asked him where is going because it makes him think that she didn’t trust him and she did trust him.  In shock Jackie said nothing in response to that but wondered why would they are argue about where he was going in the first place.

Tip#1: Ladies when your “hunnie” loves and wants you he will openly tell you where he is going so that you know he is safe and that you trust that he will be where he say is.  If your “hunnie” disappears without telling you and keeps secrets from you then he is probably doing something he shouldn’t be doing and he doesn’t want you to know about it.

Ryan and I have not talked to each other for days.  We had a disagreement about how to raise our children and he will not talk to me.  I would love for both of us to sit down and talk about the punishment for our son but he acts like he doesn’t care.  He comes home and leaves right back out without looking my way.

Tip#2:  When a man loves or cares about you he will care about how you feel.  If your “hunnie” knows you’re mad or you’ve had a disagreement he will do what he can to make sure you are happy.  Even it that means actually sitting down and talking about what happened he will do that for you.  If he doesn’t even offer to work it out with you then guess what ladies your relationship may be over.

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