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Young Teens and Women Being Convicted of Crimes of Possession

February 23, 2012

Teen girls are increasingly being convicted of possessing weapons by holding on to them for boyfriends and others.  Young women why would you want to put your life in jeopardy by holding on to a weapon for someone else?   This situation is very real there are many young girls who have been convicted of crimes of possession and are spending their days and many times their lives behind bars.  At the time, it may not seem like it’s a big deal but it’s a HUGE deal.  Awareness must be brought to this situation because of the increased level in which girls are being convicted of possession.  If you carry a firearm for a boyfriend or someone else you can become responsible for the crimes that they committed with the weapon.

Talk to teen girls in your families, their friends, your neighbors, or any young girl about holding on to not only weapons but drugs or anything that can cause them to be convicted of a crime.  It may not seem like much to talk about however it will be too late to intervene if that person you know ends up behind bars.  Many raise children to do the right thing and hope and trust that they are actively listening and practicing what they have been taught but no one knows what happens when parents aren’t around.  Young women your boyfriends may tell you that they love you and promise that you will not get caught and that they will not tell.  Those in jail for possession will be the first to tell you that those boyfriends disappeared after their conviction or that they fingered them as the person who owned the weapon.  In life there are times when we are vulnerable its just that we want acceptance and love that makes our vulnerability more apparent to those who want something from us.  Those who truly care about you and love you will not put in a position that will you in danger or make you feel fear, they will not use you, and they definitely would not ask you to do something that can land you in jail.

DO NOT HIDE OR CARRY YOUR BOYFRIENDS WEAPONS. You have to think about the consequences that you will face is you are in possession of weapons.  Please think about your lives, the lives of your family, those who have been victims of the crime committed by those weapons and their families.  Bring awareness to this issue by spreading the word.  It’s okay to say NO!

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