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Teach Compassion Not Violence

March 8, 2012


Visions of Sisterhood received this letter from a concerned mother today and we decided to share this with you.  This letter does not reflect the opinion of VOS or its writers.  Feel free to comment.

To whom it may concern,

On your blog you mentioned that if someone had a story to share you asked that we share it.  I don’t have a story I just have something I want to say and I ask that you post it on your blog.  Thank you

Our world has become a place filled with violence and destruction and our youth are stuck in the middle.  Violence has been apart of our history and is currently being displayed on television, in our music, and on the streets.  Reality television has turned violence into some form of entertainment rather than adults acting like adults they choose to use fists as a way to settle disagreements.  How can our society stand behind such garbage?  It is sad that making money has taken over all rationale thought.     People are scared to come out of their homes at night, kids are terrified to go to school, and the gang violence is out of hand.  The recent school shooting that took place in Chardon, Ohio has pushed me over the edge.  Our children are learning violence because they are surrounded by it.  In my opinion, violence is glamorized for instance in music,  songs like “Death to my Enemies” by 50 cent or in the “bling” that music artists wear given tribute to the streets where they made their money “hustling” as they call it.   Children can’t even go to school and learn for fear of bullying or being hurt in school because they don’t have protection.  I look at the city that was once beautiful and the people cared about each other and all I can do is shake my head.  The news is depressing, reading articles in the newspaper is depressing, and going online is even more depressing because it consists of nonstop violence.

This violence has to stop and it starts with the adults that are supposed to be role models.  STOP! Using these reality television shows to show people using their fists to settle disagreements.  STOP! Glamorizing the drug game people are dying you can make fast money but fast money will get you to an even faster grave or behind bars for life.  STOP!  A gang is not a family no one will make you do something that you don’t want to do just to make you “family”.  STOP!  Making music talking about sex, drug, and rock and roll you’re supposed to be a role model why don’t you act like it?  Mothers STOP!  Having babies you know you’re not going to take care of and leaving them feeling unloved helping raise angry adults who may turn to violence.  Fathers STOP!  Making babies and not taking care of them or giving them love.  Parents you can help you child become a kinder and gentler person who can develop a sense of caring and compassion for others, their communities, and most importantly themselves.  Young people have their own personalities that shape who they are going to be and parents do not have any control over that however, as parents we do have the ability to encourage children to become caring, fair, responsible, and non-violent.  When you see your child doing something that you think is thoughtless or cruel, you should let them know right away that you don’t want them doing that. Speak to your child firmly and honestly, and keep your focus on the act, not on the child.  For others, it does take a village to raise a child so if you see a child who is not getting the care or love that they need step in.  You can be the one person who can give that child a reason that a child does not grow up be violent or angry.  I am not saying that violence will go away or that some will not be prone to it I’m just saying that let’s try to help in any way we can.  It is possible to help combat violence just by starting in our own neighborhoods.  Thanks Vicki.

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