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Take Personal Responsibility

March 13, 2012

What is personal responsibility?  Personal responsibility is taking responsibility of one’s actions.  There are times when we agree that others need to take personal responsibility for their actions however; there are times when we struggle to maintain personal responsibility ourselves.  Why it that we can nitpick on what others should take responsibility for but we fail to acknowledge our own mistakes?  For instance we can say that a “deadbeat parent” is not taking responsibility for the life they brought into this world but you may go to work and think it is okay to use company time for personal business such as making phone calls or surfing the internet.  The excuse you may use is that “I do not have time to make phone calls after work.”   A person who finds an excuse for every action they participate in is not taking personal responsibility.  My grandmother used to always tell me “If you have to make an excuse for what you do then it was wrong in the first place.”  We are so quick to justify our motives and so quick to deflect criticism.  It is so easy to find something that you may think is wrong with someone else however; we will not blame ourselves for our faults.  What makes our views and actions right or more correct than others?  We could be participating in the same exact actions as others and would be the first to tell them it is not correct but turn around and find our own justification in the action.  Taking personal responsibility does not involve making excuses it involves the willingness to admit and correct one’s faults and admit errors.  Adults when we start taking personal responsibility in our own actions our children will learn to take responsibility for their actions.  If you give something positive for children to mimic then there is a great chance they will take those lessons with them.  It takes a very strong, responsible, and loving person to admit their faults without judging others for their mistakes.

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