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Congratulations Young People

June 2, 2012

Visions of Sisterhood would like to take the time to congratulate at those young people who are graduating.  Whether you are graduating from elementary school, from middle school, from high school, or from college it is great accomplishment. The future is yours and the decisions you make now will affect your futures.  As I sat in on the senior graduation at the Cleveland School of Science and Medicine I saw so many beautiful and hopeful faces.  I could not have been prouder of those young people.  In total the class received over 7 million dollars in scholarships.  So those who were not sure they could go to college were given the opportunity.  By working with doctors and professors from Case Western Reserve, Metro Health Medical Center, and Cleveland Clinic these young people were given a chance to make their dreams come true.  All across America young people are feeling a sense of accomplishment right now.  They have gotten to this place in their lives with hard work and dedication.  I can speak for the entire Visions of Sisterhood organization when I say again, Congratulations!! You deserve all that life has to offer to you.  We wish you all the best.   Continue on your journey and never give up even when times get a little rough.  Turn those people who help keep you on your path, that help motivate you, and believe in you.

S.M. DeLoach

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