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The following content found within this blog is the opinion of the Visions of Sisterhood authors.  In no way is it the intention of Visions of Sisterhood to libel any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual.  The views of the authors belong solely to that author and do not in any way reflect the views of the site, the sites staff, members of the site, or any of the sites affiliates. Choosing to use the advice, tips, techniques, and recommendation is at your discretion however, Visions of Sisterhood and this site will not be held responsible.

Visions of Sisterhood blog is to bring awareness to many subjects that exist in our society today.  We cover good, bad, and worse.  There are times when some may feel the content is inappropriate.  If  anyone feel that the content is inappropriate you can choose to not follow or comment on the sites content.  You can also choose to email us at with your concerns.  By email us that does not signify the removal of the content.

Any comments that may be found here are the express opinions and or the property of the individual authors as well as the sites followers.  Some of the content on this blog is representation of real life situations such as “The Diary of Kimberly” the name has been changed to provide privacy to the author.

At anytime feel free to leave comments however, Visions of Sisterhood reserves the right to delete any comment for any reason without notice.  Please be careful not to use abusive, profane, or rude comments.  All anonymous comments will not be permitted.  In addition please do not leave comments that attack a person’s individuality.  All the above types of comments will be deleted.

Visions of Sisterhood authors own the content of the site such as the graphics, pictures, and articles unless it is otherwise indicated.  Do not use the content on this blog unless approved by Visions of Sisterhood please send requests to  Any information obtained from outside sources will be referenced and given proper acknowledgement.

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