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Bullying: Leeya’s Story #4

January 13, 2012

I ran home and told my parents about what was said to me about raping me and my parents were furious.  The very next day they went to the school which is what I was afraid of.  I was told that if my parents came up to the school then they would make it worse for me and they made good on that threat.  I will never forget on a Tuesday in April the boys started to touch me in the coat room they were all over me.  At one time two boys held me down while the other was the look out.  I was hoping that someone, anyone would come and help me.  I kept thinking where was the teacher and why couldn’t anybody hear me screaming.  This assault went on forever it seemed.  I kept thinking during, this isn’t happening to me then why is this happening to me what did I do to deserve this.  Finally one of my classmates this boy Jamie stood up for me and even got into a fight with one of the boys for me.  Jamie risked getting in trouble for me which he did.   I didn’t tell anyone about the incident for fear that it would happen again.  After that incident I have never been the same.  I can’t stand for anyone to touch me.  I flinch when my mom tries to hug me.  I can’t sit close to anyone.  When someone touches me I feel weird.  You just don’t think things like this would ever happen to you. When your young you have such an innocence about life that you don’t feel like there are people out there who would try to hurt you.  I was happy, I had a great life, great parents, and great siblings.  Why did this happen to me?  I don’t know and I don’t know if I could ever allow anyone to touch me.  After that incident Jamie and I became friends it reminded me of my friendship with Mariah and how I saved her from being bullied but now someone is saving me from being bullied.  The friendship had grown with Jamie, sometimes he would walk me home to keep the kids and preteens from bullying me. I remember he admitted he had a crush on me when walking me home from school one day.  Jamie was very goofy he always made me laugh,  he had big glasses with a mouth full of braces but he was so kind hearted.  I didn’t care about what he looked like on the outside that just wasn’t who I was and not the person my parents taught me to be.  Jamie would not have been Jamie without those glasses and goofy smile.  I explained to him that I couldn’t have a boyfriend but I liked him too.  Soon after Jamie couldn’t walk me home anymore because his mom started to pick him up after school again that is when the bullying started back but this time much worse.

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