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I Feel So Energetic & So Happy About Everything Go On In Life Right Now

December 24, 2012


This morning, I woke up and I felt this energy that I haven’t had in a while. I woke up so fresh and with a smile on my face. I guess because lately things have been going right and it has been so incredible. I am so blessed beyond words and I am so happy to be sharing my energy and happiness to everyone. It really is an exciting time for me with new adventures, being offered to work on few projects in terms of promotions, advertising, and blogging for people and certain companies, and I wrote a huge essay for a friends friend for school of which he got an A+ for. He had no idea how to write so much about a certain subject, and he told me he got an excellent grade for it. It is great to be rewarded and knowing that it made a difference…

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June 2, 2012

Visions of Sisterhood

To all members, followers, and blog readers

I just wanted to take this time and say thank you for your continued support.  VOS has been working to not only make this blog better but we have been working on the organization to make a continued difference in the lives of those we come across.  In 2007, VOS started as an organization to help young girls cross into adulthood in a positive way despite any obstacles they may have come across in their lives.   As we evolved we have managed to tackle many of the obstacles that can impact our young people.  On this blog we talk about whatever is on the minds of the writers that gear towards awareness to issues in society.  We talk about the good, the bad, and the in-between.  I hope that you enjoy the topics and please feel free to comment, participate in the polls…

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Congratulations Young People

June 2, 2012

Visions of Sisterhood would like to take the time to congratulate at those young people who are graduating.  Whether you are graduating from elementary school, from middle school, from high school, or from college it is great accomplishment. The future is yours and the decisions you make now will affect your futures.  As I sat in on the senior graduation at the Cleveland School of Science and Medicine I saw so many beautiful and hopeful faces.  I could not have been prouder of those young people.  In total the class received over 7 million dollars in scholarships.  So those who were not sure they could go to college were given the opportunity.  By working with doctors and professors from Case Western Reserve, Metro Health Medical Center, and Cleveland Clinic these young people were given a chance to make their dreams come true.  All across America young people are feeling a sense of accomplishment right now.  They have gotten to this place in their lives with hard work and dedication.  I can speak for the entire Visions of Sisterhood organization when I say again, Congratulations!! You deserve all that life has to offer to you.  We wish you all the best.   Continue on your journey and never give up even when times get a little rough.  Turn those people who help keep you on your path, that help motivate you, and believe in you.

S.M. DeLoach

Texting While Driving

May 31, 2012

Communicating through mobile devices is convenient and fun at times however, sometimes our mobile communication can be deadly.  When someone’s focus is on their phone conversation or texting, reaction time is slowed and can result in injury or loss of life.  In a report by Fox News 25 in Boston, Massachusetts, teen Aaron Deveau, 17 at the time of the incident is on trial accused of making a deadly decision.   Mr. Deveau was texting at the time he was driving and hit another vehicle.  The person in that vehicle later died.  Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the United States, accounting for 36 percent of all deaths in this age group.  Previous studies have suggested that cell phone use kills and injure thousands of people a year.  According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2008 “driver distraction was the cause of 16 percent of all fatal crashes that means 5,800 people were killed.”  Too many people are dying because the need to talk on cell phones and text.

What can we do?

  • Talk to your teen about the dangers of using a cell phone will driving
  • Give clear instruction not to use cell phones while driving, in the event of an emergency advise your teen to pull over, bring the vehicle to a complete stop, and then make a call.
  • Parents believe that our children learn from our behavior so if you instruct them not to use a cell phone while driving please do the same.  If you lead by example they will learn from you.

Teens choosing to ignore parents instruction regarding the dangers of cell phone can result in death.  Whoever is calling or texting you can wait until you reach your destination. 

May 29, 2012


She was being followed, at 11:30 in the morning,

The man driving the red van, asked her to get in…..”.uh, No!”

He gets out, she runs, he follows…….100 yds later she ran into a home and called 911,

Gave a description, and the assailant was picked up, and is currently in jail……

she is a hero!

Save yourself, save a friend! The next victim might not have known what to do.

Sacramento, CA


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May 29, 2012

19 Year Old Burns Son

May 29, 2012

This is story that really burns me up.  In a story by Katherine Cavazini, titled “Mom Admits Burning Son’s Genitals with Iron” it talks about a mom 19 years old who admitted to closing a flat iron on her son’s genitals.  This is my opinion, and by no means do I want to offend anyone but WHAT THE HELL!!!!! Kids are growing up to fast and they are not mature enough to take on the responsibility of being a parent.  Also I’m thinking this mother needs some major psychiatric help and quick.  It breaks my heart to even think about what they child went through.  This child was even treated for broken bones.  This is a must follow story.

If you want to view the story please click on the following link.  Mom Admits Burning Son’s Genitals With Iron